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Welcome to the newspaper for the citizens of Second Life's Bellisseria!

Sixth Edition Edition


Happy and Homeless

Larree Quixote

If you are still looking for a home in Bellisseria and have not been lucky yet, don't despair.  Don’t let it bring you down.  Play a new game!  Play the game I invented.  I call it “Homeless in Bellisseria”!  Embrace the lifestyle!  See the world - or at least the continent - like no one else ever gets to see it because they are too busy decorating.  I did it for months and enjoyed every moment of my adventure!  I loaded a wearable sleeping bag into my inventory (available on the Marketplaceand started walking.


I explored all the undeveloped regions, many of which were as yet unnamed.  I found beautiful parks and beaches, and even a few very desirable roadway underpasses.  I joined all the essential Bellisseria specific groups (There are bunch!  Just search for Bellisseria under “groups”!) and even created one myself - the Bellisseria Homeless Union group.  And just to share with you how popular the homeless game is, my group was not the first one created!  The group gave me a fun ice-breaker for conversations as I traveled around and slept near peoples’ homes.  I celebrated with all the people who had homes every time a release came out even when I didn't get one.  And yes, I admit that I would get discouraged sometimes, but I never gave up.  So don't give up, people!  I found myself at parties every single day.  And you can, too!  And finally… I got a house!  And now I spend a lot of time… decorating!

Snapshot _ Protected Land, Wobbly (17, 2
Snapshot _ Protected Land, Peachtree (96

Ride Around Event Held on August 14, 2019

GracieAustinn Resident

It was a nice warm summer afternoon with billowy clouds and a slight cool breeze from the seas and lakes around Bellisseria.  As one, two...five, ten and a few more trickling in to the meeting point with bikes of all kinds for a Ride Around.  One even came with a lovable donkey and whom else but a cute fairy to own him.  Mountain bikes, ten-speed bikes, beach cruisers and pee-wee bikes were among the collection of riders that gathered for what turned out to be one of the funnest and most enjoyable times together this summer. 

Who would have thought that a gathering of riders would stay together through the twists and turns of paved streets and rolling hills?  You would think you might lose at lease one or two to a molequake or a gust of howling wind but the group trailed on together, seeing the beautiful sights of Bellisseria and stopping to see beautifully decorated homes with manicured lawns and pets barking as the crusade passed on things of two wheels.  Even a very nice pedestrian (no doubt taking a sweet stroll through the neighborhood) gave greetings to the group who wizzed right by waving and calling out as neighborly as could be.  

As all things often have hiccups, we even had drive a hot dog cart around for a short distance...that was of course until we found the mysterious lands of  Millbank where the grassy park with but a few strange and out of place camels grazed with what seemed to be the start...or end...of a train station.  It was there that we took rest, got hydrated and decided that traveling a bit further through the Light of Aurelia to the large Lighthouse was a must-do.  It was a great idea that ended the Ride Around with the breathtaking views and the salty ocean breeze that was too good to pass up photo opportunities.  

We had a great time, made new friends and all couldn't wait until the next time...and who knows what type of Ride Around we would do...perhaps finding a pod of dolphins and seeing where they might take us through water on our next adventure or walking our pets through the beaches of the coastlines!  One thing is for sure, new friends and good times will be had!

To keep informed on the next Ride Around, join the Bellisseria Bike, Drive and Scoot! group.  


Great Party!

Kit Kaos (kitten.kaos)

The Bellisseria Hamster had a dream of providing a safe, comfortable, and always open shelter for all the animals that came to explore the beautiful new continent of Bellisseria.  It would be full of good food and kind hoomans who valued the wonderful fauna who helped make our new home neighborly and fun. It would have sunny spots and shady spots. It would have toys and soft beds. Hamster even planned for coffee breaks by allowing two enterprising foxes to put a Kistune Koffee stand in the corner of one room.

The one thing that Hamster never dreamed would come to pass--as she officially opened her heart and home on the weekend of July 28 to all people (furred, feathered & smooth skinned)--is that she would have a two-day blowout music festival. To which everyone came and danced their fuzzy & non fuzzy butts off to. It was a furred, finned, and fantastic party to recount for years to come.

And the proof is in these photos, but also in the quotes from those who attended:

Monty (hooman):
"Went to  Hammy's Animal Sanctuary opening party and have to say it was not what I expected--in a good way! I thought it would be full of animals, but instead it was full of animal AVs, and so it really lived up to its name. The party was awesome too." 

Varistentia Varriale (hooman):
"I think the sanctuary is a great idea, and the amount of care and love that went into creating it really shows that Hammy is a truly special little (or rather big) hamster. It's also great that us hoomans also can visit and find companions through the adoption board. The Kitsune Koffee is also great."

"I just love Hammy so much, and think it's awesome that she made a community center and shelter for all the animals of Bellisseria."

Foxy Luscious (kitsune):
"Hamster offer me tasty cupcake my first day in Bellisseria. Hamster good friend. Animals all know they can find food and water and soft, dry place to sleep at Hamster place."

 Elena Core (hooman):

'Dear Hammy, thank you not only for the amazing party you've thrown our community today, but for the wonderful project you've delivered by creating the Animal Sanctuary. It is because of Hamsters like you this metaverse is a better place to live. Love, Elena'

As the last chords of music wafted away on the breeze, the Bellissera Hamster exclaimed loudly "Hammy needs a damn nap!". And was carried by an appreciative crowd on their shoulders to a bed of soft, fresh shavings in her hamster house in the back yard.

As of this writing, I must sadly report that the Bellisseria Animal Sanctuary is seeking a new location, but the Bellisseria Hamster and her friends are eagerly planning its return in a new and even better form. In the meantime, you can show your love and support for Hamster, and for her dream of a loving shelter and companions for all the animals of Bellisseria, by checking the schedule to see when Hammy is spinning tunes in her new side hustle as "DJ Bellisseria Hamster". She's really good at making making both hoomans and animals shake their nubbies and sway to the music.

Click here to see all the fun!


It's a bird... it's a plane... it's a..... WTAF!?

It's a giant red penis hovering over Willoughby and people are dancing on it!! Thanks to World Map Investigator (donnacasta) on the Bellisseria Citizens FB group... we have pictures.. it happened!


A List: a poem

RoseDrop Rust

I need to make a list.
First item:
Make a list.
Put it somewhere I cannot avoid.
I think I had an app for that.
Let me find it.
There is a new app. 
It is not for list making,
but it seems cool for organizing files.
Stop getting distracted.
After all, this is why we needed a list in the first place.
Quit talking about making a list and do it.
List making is boring.
I haven't checked my farm today …
What was I going to do?
I remember now.
Write a poem.

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