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Community Groups:

Bellisseria Citizens Group

Bellisseria Community Group

The Bellisserian

Belliseria Events


Bellisseria Riding Club

Contact: Celena Troye (curvyblacklez)



Bellisseria Flying Society

Contact Yasmin (youaintseenme) for gliding



No official group.

Diamond's bike rezzer & cycling tour route


Tai Chi & Yoga

Coming soon..... (North Crannock is working on something)


Hedonism Club

Contact: típtσє 意 (dizzymuse) for semi-weekly social events

Bellisseria X

This group is for residents of the Bellisseria continent who are into the more adult activities and possibilities of living on this amazing new continent. Let's chat and get to know each other and perhaps have some very special get-togethers.

Contact Beth Macbain Miggins (beth.macbain) or join group


Bellisseria Events

Contact: Delia (delia.claremont)

Bellisseria Sailing Society

Contact:  Marc Webber (marcwebber)

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