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Welcome to the newspaper for the citizens of Second Life's Bellisseria!

Third Edition


SL16B is Officially Open!


The Bellisserian Citizens Group teamed up to make an amazing parcel display that feels like home! Be sure to stop by and check it out, grab some gifties and explore the multi sim event! Click here for your TAXI

Find out more about the celebration HERE!

Check out the events running from June 20th - July 8th HERE!

Super Secret Exclusive Patch Linden Interview



Bryce Sun

As can happen at times, things get lost in the production room. This time I forgot a huge piece that was intended for the edition. It is a big hug and thanks to those who represented Bellisseria at the SLB16 celebration. We had not one but TWO parcels that showed our community spirit!

The group run by Markus Brant (markusbrant), The Bellisseria Community had us fully covered even down to our sweet nut hiding Bellisserian Squirrel can be visited HERE


And the The Belliseria Citizens group, lead by Gingir Ghoststar, feeds your coffee addictions and showcased the burning bush over HERE

Also many thanks go out to the Groups Moderators for helping everyone feel so at home!

Magistus Faulkes, T. J. Hooker (thomashooker), Talisien Llewellyn, Dade Murphy (script.alchemi), Bernadette Blackadder, Kate Libby (morethanan.afterthought), Norbert Ashland, North Crannock, Bebe Crannock (fairlyprincess), Mirah Vieria and anyone we missed.. Thank you so much for all you do!

A Walk Down Memory Lane: Exploring Historic Boardman with Giulio Marchetti

Karmagrl Nesbith

A few weeks ago, I was privileged to meet Giulio Marchetti one morning as he was serving coffee (on the house no less!)  at the Everfaire Café in Bellisseria.  He was in SL with a different avatar between 2007 and 2011, then left until this year, and just lately decided to start all over with another avatar, after hearing beautiful comments about the new continent of Bellisseria (aka estate 51561, which is also his ZIP code).  


A thirsty group was gathered that morning, and while we wrestled with the espresso machine, our conversation turned to the "good ol' days" of Secondlife.  Through the course of the conversation, we found out that Giulio organizes tours of the "ancient" sims in SL! (By "ancient", Giulio clarified that he means the regions grouped in estate 1 (aka the continent of Sansara) created in 2003). So he scheduled a tour for that following Monday for a group to go to the Boardman Sim. He conducts the tours with voice, and as we explored the sim he was able to provide insightful information about the history.  

image (3).png

Giulio Marchetti standing at the Boardman Shrine

Giulio, please tell us a little about BOARDMAN, the early days.

Boardman was the first zoned neighborhood created in SL, in 2003. Perhaps it is not a coincidence that Boardman bears the same name of a location in Oregon incorporated 100 years prior. 

It was essentially an effort to respond to a few residents' complaints about the chaotic creativity (to use a euphemism) of some of the other regions, that allowed you to build and terraform any way you wanted and use any number of prims (at a time when this was still possible) for your builds. If you visit Boardman today, you will still find columns on the sidewalks where you can get the zoning guidelines of 2003. 

Like most places of the time in SL, the area was offered on a first come, first served basis, but since there was a very strong community spirit, people helped one another to make the area beautiful and functional. 

A streetcar service was introduced, and people could either use prefabs provided by Linden Labs (still available in the nearby camping site of De Haro) or create their own homes, as long as they complied with the zoning guidelines for height and type (builds like clubs or businesses were forbidden, for example, homes had to be placed on the ground and the maximum height would have to be 15 meters). If residents wanted to sell something, they could use the market square located in the center of the sim. 

Boardman became so popular that it soon had a twin sim, called Brown, created in 2004.

Unfortunately, as happened for many sims of the past, as soon as new unrestricted regions were created and the novelty effect died out, some residents of Boardman decided to move elsewhere and the land barons put their hands on Boardman and Brown, making them a mess of rental lands at outrageous prices. 

But Boardman was not doomed to stay that way. 


In 2006-2007, in fact, one single SL resident, Aradia Aridian, bought out most of the parcels in Boardman from the land barons and created the Boardman Preservation Society, which would transform Boardman into the open-air museum of residential architecture we know today.

What inspired you to start conducting these tours of the Boardman community?

Where I come from in RL, Italy, tourism is an important industry, so I think every Italian tends to become a tour guide for the place they live in because every corner of the country has some place of interest or some archaeological find. 

Also, ever since my first days in SL, I was fascinated by the idea of making history in a virtual world, by creating places that would evolve on a basic structure with some landmarks that would remain the same. Second Life is full of these places, it is just a matter of finding them. Coming back here a few weeks ago, I realized that some new people are interested in this history. 16 years are equivalent to eons in a virtual world, so this curiosity does not surprise me.


Why do you think the Boardman community became abandoned?

The only major defect of the open-air museum structure is that the Boardman Protection Society does not allow anyone to repopulate the area since it doesn't rent the parcels. This is both good and bad: good because you do not damage the general look of the neighborhood, bad because no one wants to live in homes they cannot decorate. 


What are some of your favorite parts of this community?

I love the map museum, created by Bino Arbuckle (an original build), the old Linden Luxury Prefab, the Town Hall and the Non-Denominational Church. In later years, a shrine was put at the border of the sim, showing the first prim ever created in SL by Philip Linden, aka Philip Rosedale, the co-creator of the virtual world with Cory Ondrejka.


Do you have a special memory of Boardman?

A couple: it was the first sim where I took a bus (the discontinued Telehopper service) and I also married my first (of four) partners in SL when I was another avatar, in the Boardman church.


Can you tell a little bit about the Open Air Market?

It has stalls where you can place your products for sale. The number of prims is very limited, so you cannot really put much in it. I think it is a little shame because the open market idea was brilliant, it was only implemented badly. It is sad to see few stalls occupied these days, and most of those which are functional have ugly signs.

What are some unique aspects of the community that someone just randomly visiting would have no idea about?

People in the early days of Boardman would hang around town just chatting or visiting each other's homes, or walking down the beautiful pier overlooking the Kissling river. A sense of community that I thought lost and have found again in Bellisseria.

Who are some of the architects of this sim, and who are they to SL?

There are two major SL architects of the first hour whose builds dominate the area: Barnesworth Anubis, who still has a store in SL selling beautiful homes, and Ingrid Ingersoll, who was another popular architect in the early days of SL but has since retired -- she still lives in SL though.


Giulio, thank you so much for your time, and the amazing tours that you offer.  Tours are announced in the Bellisseria Community notices, the Bellisseria Citizens notices, and Bellisseria Events notices.  You can go explore Boardman on your own at the following




Don't forget to take something to place at the shrine!


The Boardman Sim

image (1).jpeg

Boardman Town Hall

image (2).jpeg

The Map Museum

image (3).jpeg

The Boardman Church

image (4).jpeg

Open-Air Market Stalls

image (5).jpeg

A house designed by Ingrid Ingersoll

Bellisseria Home Showcase

Pannie Paperdoll

Since moving to Bellisseria, I find myself exploring, exploring some more, walking and exploring, riding and exploring... you get the picture.  The first things I found were community areas, beaches and pools. Then I started noticing people's houses. The first time I came across trash cans on the curb, weeds, an ambulance... I was hooked on the incredible imagination and vision in our community.  Here is a chance for us all to take a closer look at our neighbors, peek behind the curtains and draw closer together.

Walking down the street in Anati you find perfectly manicured lawns, gnomes and gardens. You can practically smell the flowers and feel the gentle breezes!  Then up ahead, you notice something different. The lawn is overgrown. The van isn't showroom perfect. There is a definite air of neglect. I am drawn in and enchanted.  


In this sea of perfection, this perfect bit of imperfection is amazingly refreshing! Getting closer there is a definite fraternity house vibe. Tags on the walls. Pizza on the table, kegs and video games. Out back are party tents that would be great for anything from a Bar Mitzvah to a wedding. I needed to know more! I reached out to Sebastian and asked a few questions.  


Pannie Paperdoll: I just wondered, your house is so different from everything around it, what inspired you to go that way?    


Sebastian Serpente™ (seba.serpente): It's curious, but whenever I get to roleplay with other people, I tend to have sort of a revel, crazy persona.  When I moved to Bellisseria I just felt like being on a very large roleplay community, and just felt right to bring that crazy style out and reflect it on the home.  


Pannie Paperdoll: It looks like a party just happened for sure. Would you welcome one of those pop up parties happening there? Are you planning on holding any yourself? Your character sounds fun to hang out with!    

S2 _Safe_ House.png

Introducing: Sebastian Serpente and the S2 "Safe" House.

Sebastian Serpente™ (seba.serpente): Yes, that house has a spirit of its own. I like to think of it as a party starter spirit. Have a setting where people feels is alright to not behave like on someone else's home and just get confident and do whatever you want. Grab pizza, throw yourself on the couch, go party in the back, invite all your friends even tho you have no idea who's place is it. A lot of homes feel like a museum that you can watch but you cant touch... I am looking for the other way around.

Pannie Paperdoll: Woot! Is there anything else you want people to know about you or your home?  


Sebastian Serpente™ (seba.serpente): I Would encourage others to not limit themselves to what they feel should do to fit, to be normal. Even not fitting right, or not being normal, still can pretty well be part of the whole setting. There is always that crazy neighbor, don't be afraid to be the crazy neighbor, a community has everything, and it all fits perfect at the end.


Pannie Paperdoll: Perfect =)  Have you heard comments from visitors or neighbors  that you'd like to share?  


Sebastian Serpente™ (seba.serpente): Every time I am at the house I do notice people just stopping in front of it to take a look. They mostly seem to cam from a distance, perhaps the house feels too shady to make you want to venture in, but it does drags attention. I get a lot of comments about the creativity and the fact is a different concept from the rest. They get the idea, that's for sure. It also comes to the fact that I create commercial items, and I felt like using some of my creations around. That gave me the dilemma... how do I use a large party tent? Well, make a party.


Pannie Paperdoll: Oh  you made those tents! I didn't notice that. Can you give me the SLurl to where folks can buy them? They are GREAT!


Sebastian Serpente™ (seba.serpente): People can always visit my store location at the "Hellfire Cove" Sim

or Marketplace  and HERE at this site


Pannie Paperdoll: I'll be sure to tell them that =)  Thank you!   

So there you have it folks. Come visit the S2 "Safe" House. Bring Friends. Have some pizza, beer, light one up. Have a party and don't worry about staining the carpet. And don't stop exploring!   

Seba Safe House
Seba Safe House
Seba Safe House
Seba Safe House
Seba Safe House
Seba Safe House
Seba Safe House
Seba Safe House


The Linden Department of Public Works has introduces a ferry service specific for Bellisserians living in the islands within the continent who need to commute quickly to the mainland!

The Saint Lidia II lferry boat departs every minute from the following locations:


Calm Waves Island

SSP91 (Bellisseria Mainland)

Whiskey Bay (Bellisseria Fairgrounds Island)


The service is free to all SL residents, living in Bellisseria!


Fishing Tourney!

Bebe Crannock (fairlyprincess)

Week of June 9, 2019 Fishing Report:  The Salmon run is on!  Big fish are being caught as they move into our shallow sea regions and inland rivers for their annual spawning migration.

Hendrix Portal brought his monster Chinook Salmon into fishing lodge north of Bellisseria to be weighed.  49.35 lbs!!






Weekly Whoppers:
1.  Hendrix Portal          49.35 lbs.  Chinook Salmon      Navigation, Pickle
2.  Tegen Barzane         48.68 lbs.  King Mackerel         Talakin, Satori
3.  Elizabeth Lethecus   48.09 lbs.  Atlantic Salmon       Falconbridge, Blake Sea 



Tournament Results:
1.  Elizabeth Lethecus  5118.48 lbs.
2.  Jym Resident           4811.28 lbs.
3.  Hendrix Portal         1145.55 lbs.
4.  Marhammer            1134.63 lbs.
5.  Willow Tenage         1124.63 lbs.
6.  Tegen Barzane         444.34 lbs.


Week of June 16 Fishing Report:  The hot spring bite has evened out a bit with warmer summer temperatures settling into the regions.  Bomb blasts are suspected of driving fish from Bellisseria Bay as LDPW continued work on the fairgrounds. 




Willow Tenage celebrates Second Life's 16th Birthday with the catch of a 47.09 lb. Atlantic Salmon in SL16B Spellbound.  



Bellisseria's camping regions may be new hot spots!

Weekly Whoppers:
1. Willow Tenage        47.09 lbs.   Atlantic Salmon  SL16B Spellbound 
2. Brilynn Roussel       43.82 lbs.   Swordfish          Isthill, Pickle
3. Elizabeth Lethecus  42.7 lbs.    Tuna                  Falconbridge, Blake Sea



Tournament Results:
1.  Elizabeth Lethecus    2560.54 lbs.
2.  Willow Tennage          651.55 lbs.
3.  MarHammer               359.76 lbs.
4.  Brilynn Roussel          327.24 lbs.
5.  Areanda Resident      183.88 lbs.
6.  Blaise Mistwalker       110.05 lbs.


The Quick Bite

Bill R. Smit (blackblade.smit)

One of my favorite things to make for my wife when I’m in the mood to  slow cook something that always seems fancy, is a good french onion soup. Since the Roman era, onion soups have been served in various ways. Though, usually considered food for the poorest of people, the modern version of this soup is from France, and has become, quite contrary to its predecessors, considered a meal served to any, including the wealthiest among us. Though, in this cooks opinion, that’s due to the rather delicious flavor of onions, beef broth, cheese and seasoned bread. My personal favorite way to make French Onion Soup, is as follows.

French Onion Soup


Oil a large pan with olive oil (or oil of choice) and heat to a shimmer. place some diced garlic and shallots in the pan and cook to aroma, then start filling the pan with onions, sliced to half circles. Lower heat to maybe 2 thirds or so of original shimmer temperature. Now, once the onions start to cook to aroma, lower heat again to half of original heat and cook at this med/low heat for about 45 minutes, or until well cooked (Caramelized), stirring fairly often. When you begin the cooking of the onions, start beef stock in a pot to boiling. The goal is to reduce it by half. Once this is done, and all the onions are well cooked, deglaze the pan with Sherry Wine and use a rubber spatula to break loose all the fond at the bottom of the pan. Once this is done, mix with your reduced stock (A.K.A. a Demi-glace) and let them marry for 10 minutes. Serve in a bowl with a large crouton and top with Gruyere (or swiss, for a lower cost option) cheese. Use a kitchen torch and burn the edges, slowly  working inward to melt the cheese to various stages. Voila French onion soup.




  • Heat to Shimmer : Heat the oil till it looks like it shimmers off the pan. If you smoke it, you’re pan is too hot!

  • Cook to Aroma : When Aromatics like onions, garlic, shallots, etc. start to emit the scent of cooking from the pan.

  • Deglaze the Pan : Means to pour an acidic (in this case, wine) liquid into a pan and use a wood or rubber spatula to rub the fond, or leftover cooked food, off the bottom of the pan.

  • Kitchen Torch : Small torch like lighter used for kitchen functions. “Windproof Lighters” will also work very well.

Pride Parade

Kaos (kitten.kaos)

Bellisseria began with beauty and hope. The hope for one community woven from many diverse people. So it's very fitting that one of our first big events as a community was a June celebration of Pride: a parade for LGBTQ+ people and allies that turned into a dance by the water on a beautiful moonlight night. The outpouring of love, support, and joy was far beyond what its organizers could've dreamed, but not beyond what Bellisseria will sustain and nurture in years to come. Afterward, I spoke with Aida and Noeky to see how they brought the Parade together so successfully and quickly.

Q: How long have you been aware of the LGBTQ community in SL, and what's your history with it?

Aida:  "I've always been aware of it. I don’t have a personal have a history with it, but I've had many LGBTQ friends throughout my experience in Second Life."

Noeky:  "I've always been aware too, as a lot of my friends are a part of it. I've been very close with a few LGBTQ people for years, both in and outside of Second Life. I am not LGBTQ myself, but it's something I take seriously. I've seen firsthand how much simply being a part of the community means to so many individuals."

Q: When did you hear about Bellisseria, and what made you want to plan a Pride parade here?

Aida: "I heard about it through a friend who decorated her house boat on the second day of release. I saw how lovely and "Sims"-like the houses were, and knew I just had to decorate one. Plus, the thought of having actual neighbors was super exciting. The Pride parade is just one of many events I’d like to create in Bellisseria. I've always been interested in creating and decorating unique events that bring the SL community together. When I realized it was Pride month I bounced the idea around between some of my friends (some LGBTQ), and it just felt like the perfect opportunity to try an event out at Bellisseria."

Noeky: "I heard about Bellisseria from friends who all had Linden homes in the area. I wanted to put the time and effort into planning a Pride parade, because the Pride near me in RL was canceled and it brought a lot of sadness and disappointment amongst the community. I thought it would be a fun and creative way to bring happiness to people as well as help make them feel better connected. It's always nice to be a part of something that is bigger than yourself, and in my experience Second Life has turned into people becoming divided and hiding away. I feel that SL should be a place for everyone to be social where you can continually meet new people, and events like this help with that."

Q: How many people were you originally hoping would show up for the parade?

Aida:  "I was hoping to maybe fill a sim but I was not expecting 160 people to show up. That honestly made all of the hard work worth it."

Noeky:  "I hoped that a decent amount of people would show up to support the community and show how loved and supported it was.
We had an excellent turn out and I couldn't have asked for a better one, It made all the days of hard work and planning worth every bit."

Q: What was your reaction when you saw how much support there was going to be?

Aida: "It was amazing! To me the best part was witnessing how it brought so many people together to be a part of something. It made Second Life more like what it used to be years ago. That was always the goal."

Noeky:  "We were blown away at how much support there was. It has been a very long time since I have seen so many people in the same place at the same time in Second Life, excluding shopping events of course."

Q: What surprised you most about the event?

Aida: "I was definitely surprised by the amount of people attending, and the amount of people that offered to help out. I also didn't expect Patch Linden and a couple of the Moles to join along and help."

Noeky:  "I would have to say what surprised me the most about the event was the turn out. We did expect a decent amount of people to show up but no one expected roughly 160 people. I think we were a little overwhelmed with the volume of traffic but it helped show us what we could improve on for future events."

Q: What was most fun about the event for you personally?

Aida: "I would like to say creating it but honestly it was just seeing the outcome. Seeing all of these people show up with their floats and outfits, it was super fun to watch."

Noeky: "For me personally it was simply seeing everyone enjoying themselves and coming together."

Q: What are your future goals for the community in Bellisseria?

Aida: "I'm hoping to make more creative/interactive events. I won’t have time to make an event every other weekend but you will most likely be seeing some during special occasions. I think now after having this experience i know what to expect, and what to work on in terms of lag and handling large numbers of people showing up."

Noeky: "I'm going to continue creating events that help bring people closer together and I'm going to create more environments where people can enjoy themselves without feeling judged. I want more places around where people can truly be themselves while they socialize and meet like-minded people."

Q: Anything you want to say in closing or people you'd like to thank?

Aida: "I'd like to thank all of the people who worked with me: Noeky, Shaun, Daemon, Maddison, Fermus, Seba, Bootleg, Patch Linden, Abnor Mole, noizyzapp and all of the others I didn’t mention. Without them I wouldn’t be able to make these events happen. I also want to thank each and every person who showed up, and I'd like everyone to prepare themselves for Halloween because I definitely have something in mind."

Noeky: "I'd like to thank everyone who made running this event possible: Aida , Shaun , Daemon, Bootleg, Maddison, Fermus, Patch Linden, noizy app, Abnor Mole and anyone else I may have failed to mention. None of this would have happened without all of the time and effort put in by these people. I'd also like to thank everyone who came out in support, it really meant a lot to all of us."

To help with future events, or to send your thanks to Aida and Noeky for beginning a lovely Bellisseria Pride tradition, contact:
* IM Aida Toxx
* Send a notecard to noeky.resident






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